Post Obstructive Pneumonia or Pneumonitis, pain in Right lung with Tachycardia - Skyemberr

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I had been having a lot of chest wall pain and a racing heartbeat for over a month... then last month the pain got very bad in my right lung. I was hospitalized with tachycardia and what they at first thought was post obstructive pneumonia over last weekend. I was on antibiotics and then onto steroids. I am now on round 3 of steroids for this and finally seem to be getting the pain under control somewhat. The doctors cannot tell me if this is a pneumonitis pain or permanent damage to my right lung from either met growth or scarring. I am having a hard time just getting in to see pulmonology to get another opinion! Fingers crossed this is a temporary problem on the heels of the very positive outlook my oncologist gave me at beginning of october.

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