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Oh No Associated with Invasive (Infiltrating) Ductal Carcinoma . Posted on September 8, 2012 View this journey (1 Experience)

I was getting dressed and I noticed that my left breast looked "different" in the mirror, so I raised my arm and started feeling in a clock-wise pattern and found a "pea" sized lump at the 5 o'clock area. I immediately scheduled an appointment, not thinking it would be anything. The Mammogram showed a 1- 1/2 cm mass. I had it surgically removed the next week. My mammogram report came back negative....... the biopsy came back POSITIVE. My son was a freshman in high school and my daughter in college. My husband, children and parents were devastated. I felt like I had to be brave in their presence and act positive all the time so I would not upset them more. I was 42 years old.

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