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Side Effects Associated with Hodgkin Disease. Posted on April 9, 2015 View this journey (4 Experiences)

Well our first bump in the road....Got mediport put in and Katelyn developed a large contact allergic reaction. Of course we didn't know what this was. She was flushed, red, all the areas where the electro patches had been were red. Scared me to death. I tried to stay calm but I know Katelyn felt the panic in my voice. I have her children and her sisters, no car seats, so I couldn't rescue her as I felt I should. She called onocologist and they said they would see her at 3:30. Instead she got in car drove there at 1:30. I was proud of her. So now to deal with this..steroids and trying to find what she can use! One learning experience down and I am sure MANY more to go! Thankfully have prayer to calm and soothe me!

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