Stitches started dissolving to quick. - SSmith5780

Oh No Associated with Low-grade Astrocytoma. Posted on February 28, 2019 View this journey (4 Experiences)

I had my follow up from Surgery on a Tuesday and the Surgeon said everything looked great and was pleased. Wednesday, I was sitting at home and felt my hair get wet. I felt it and it was a clear sticky liquid coming from where the incision was. It only lasted briefly but did it a couple different times. Thursday Morning I woke up and my hair was drenched! So, I called the surgeon and he wanted to see me to make sure it wasn't an infection or something. He found some of the stitches were dissolving to quickly, allowing spinal fluid to leak! He decided to put regular stitches over the top of the dissolvable ones. During this process, the stress of everything apparently triggered a seizure and I was back in ICU overnight. Thankfully, it was 1 seizure and no others but now I can't drive for 6 months! :(

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