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Alot had happend in our family before mom was diagnosed with her breast cancer. In May of 2000 her and my grandmother and aunt on my dad's side was in a major car accident that killed both my grandmother and aunt and almost my mom too. It took almost a year and a half for my mom to recover from that with her injuries and rehab. It was at one of her regular dr visits she found out she had breast cancer.....a regular visit....3 yrs later after the wreck here we go on another roller coaster ride. Then after treatments from the breast cancer she received was diagnosed with AML (acute Myloid leukemia) and had to have a bone marrow transplant from her little sister a year to the day (2004) to survive because it was the fast growing kind.

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    thank you so much for sharing. my mom is fighting cancer for a third time. all three are different but female cancers. this time she has breast cancer, had it removed and starts radiation monday. the doctor offered chemo but she won't hear of that. I am there for her no matter what. sounds like you have been through so much, how have you gotten through it?

    almost 8 years ago

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