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When I told my employer, he/they weren't very positive about keeping me for the long haul. I'm on a contract to hire path, working thru a placement firm so my end employer really doesn't have any legal responsibility. My wife doesn't work as she has fibromyalgia, I need to some how keep working. If not, we are up the creek.

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    Shock is a natural first reaction. It'll settle in, and the routine of healing will begin. Regarding work, I missed seven days with my surgery, but worked full time through my 6+ weeks of radiation treatment. I expect your contract employer is concerned about your ability to show up and do the work. Talk to your docs about your treatment plans, and press them for a realistic assessment of the likely impact on your ability to work. Then tell that to your employer, and keep him posted if things change (for the better or worse). More than your schedule, my guess is he's concerned about unknown surprises and no-shows, so be straight up with him all the way. It won't be fun, but you'll get through this!

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