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Too many cooks in the kitchen is how I feel at this point! I was diagnosed with primary liver cancer five months ago. I had two tumors, one operable and one not. My surgery went well to remove the larger tumor and four weeks later I had RF Abilitoration to burn out the second one. Now my phone rings almost daily with another doctor who wants to do a "follow-up." My problem is, these doctors don't seem to communicate well amongst themselves!

My oncologist said chemo, Nexavar is the only one and it is only to slow the tumor growth, was premature and we would just monitor any re-occurrence of the liver tumors. A few days later I get a call from the GI doctor saying that another doctor, the transplant specialist, wants me to start on Nexavar. This was two hours after learning that a cat scan showed no new signs of tumors. What a roller coaster!

While my wife and I are digesting this news the doctors are having a phone conference. The phone rings again and now the GI doctor says, sorry but it looks like you do not need to start Nexavar. What a roller coaster!

Two hours later I get a call from the oncologist's office wanting me to come in immediately! I asked the scheduler if she was aware of the conference cal and she said she would check. She called back and said, sorry. What a roller coaster!

A few more hours go by and I get a call from the radiologist office saying I need a follow-up with him. Boy did I ask the wrong question! I said, "Why?" She couldn't handle that and started to stutter as she replied, "Well, you just have to because the doctor wants to see you, that's why." I told her to have the doctor call me. Haven't heard back yet. :) What a roller coaster!

Do any of you have these sorts of roller coaster experiences because your doctors don't communicate with the other doctors?

I hope this support site will be what I have been looking for.

Blessings to all,

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