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It seems that as I moved through the one year mark since my last treatment (I spent 3 weeks in the hospital, my white count was2, my platelets were 7. I was in isolation). Since then, side effects include kidney damage, immobilizing pain in my legs, hips, groin area, my torso was just awful. My abdomen was in constant pain with impaired digestion (constipation, diarrhea, with narrowing of my intestines). Pain and fatigue have been the theme. My mouth is sore and requires extensive work. The saddest and most difficult for has been the change in my appearance. I was a very young looking woman. My face and skin have changed so much. It hurts me. Lost my hair and too much weight. The worst now is chemo brain. I researched the topic so much. Hyper baric oxygen chambers can help, apparently. Very expensive! I'm usually very positive, however the depression gets heavy at times. When I pray for help, I pray for every one of us and those that have helped us and loved us. Further research gives us hope. In the mean time, I think we fall down sometimes and then stand tall.

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