Double Mastectomy - Sugmit

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Drains are still in. Will be removed next week. Chemo will begin in January. Surgeon says got all the cancer, and margins were clear. Surgeon and Oncologist recommended Chemo. Somewhat skeptical about it but it has been scheduled.
I am quite active for my age, but I am concerned about the quality of my life for next couple of years.

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  • ticklingcancer's Avatar

    Hey Sugmit, glad to hear all of your margins are clear. The debate to do chemo after this type of result is always a hot topic. This would be a great question to ask the community which you can do by clicking the QUESTIONS tab at the top of the page. Again, comgratulations on your results and welcome to WhatNext!!

    almost 8 years ago
  • Nancebeth's Avatar

    I had a bilateral with immediate reconstruction and thought I was done. However, my Oncotype DX score showed that I would benefit from chemo. I had 6 sessions of CMF and although those few months were difficult, I am 4 months post chemo now and feel so much better.

    almost 8 years ago
  • Doberwomyn's Avatar

    I share your concerns about quality of life also: I am. 68

    almost 8 years ago

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