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Celebration Associated with Mucinous (or Colloid) Carcinoma. Posted on October 3, 2011 View this journey (7 Experiences)

OMG!! I give Thanks to Jesus Christ, my Heavenly Father, for bringing me through this journey via my faith and having the support of my husband and son. I am grateful that my mother shared my journey with me as I shared her journey of dementia. She stayed with me, making sure I was going to be healed. She made her transition when I told her I was going to be all right, the Lord has healed me. I was moved to go see her on day she passed away (we always were connected in a strong, powerful way). We prayed, sang praise songs, had a meeting of the mind, a parting of ways, a positive see you later Mom. It was the most wonderful, powerful experience! I was so grateful she shared my journey as I shared her journey!

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