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In November 2010, I did a self breast exam and discovered a lump. I went to my gynocologist and he ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound that confirmed the lump. I then got referred to a surgeon who ordered a biopsy and went over what my options were if the lump was cancerous or not. The Monday before Thanksgiving I received the call from the surgeon that he wanted to meet with me. Of course when he said that, I knew it had to be cancer and when I met with him that same day, he confirmed it. My first reaction was to start crying and everything he said after the whole "You have cancer" I don't even remember. Luckily, I had my partner with me who listened to everything he had to say about scheduling my surgery and treatment options cause I heard none of that. All I remember is the word "cancer" and because I had lost my mom to cancer one year earlier, it was all I remembered.

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