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Tumor romoved from left thigh. Went into sugery not knowing exactly what it was as tumor was wrapped around femeral artery and vein. Woke up to an incision basically from groin to knee,43 staples. Artery and vein were cut along with tumor removal. Arterial bypass in thigh vein was just tied off. There is still a far amount of swelling in lower leg and knee after 5 weeks . Waiting now for exact dates to start chemo and radiation. Exact diagnosis is leiomyosarcoma.

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    I had a tumor removed from my left thigh four years ago. Similar situation where no biopsy was done, surgery was more invasive than expected. As a result of the surgery the lymph system in my left leg was impacted which led to massive swelling due to a build up of lymph fluid. Until i got it under control it kept me out of radiation therapy. he main thing that end up helping was elevating my leg in an angled fashion above the level of my chest. This allowed the lymph fluid to drain back to the main lymph nodes in my abdomen. Ask your doctor about it. Also Ice didn’t do a thing except make my leg cold. Take Care! Kisco Kid

    almost 2 years ago

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