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I was diagnosed on 10-25-11 with breast cancer, I have a double masectomy 11-8-11 and just found out today that it is triple negative, if did not spread to the lymph nodes which I understand is great news. I meet with the oncologist tomorrow to discuss chemo. I dont know what to ask or what triple negative means other than not good. Can someone help?

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    Hi..I just read your story. Three years ago today I was told that I had cancer. A phone friend was five weeks in front of me. She was triple negative as you. She choose to do a trial chemo therapy. She did as well as you an through chemo. It is tough stuff but on the flip side it can save your life! Chemo is a heavy duty drug and it throws your body into a tail spin. It is a day by day, or minute by minute, mustering up the strength of determination to be the WINNER! My friend is doing great! Remember you are in charge. Ask questions. Let the doctor's know what you are feeling. Some people like to keep a journal. It is a way to express your deepest emotions by writing. My best to you. Jade

    about 9 years ago

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