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Swimming? Reeling more like it. Met with radiation oncologist Fri and the enormity of the life changing decisions and their possible impact just hit me full on. So now I need to decide if I do chemo and radiation or just chemo before surgery. My official diagnosis is Stage III but my oncologist said she would probably Stage it as II if there did not appear to be 2 suspicious looking lymph nodes.

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    I was initially staged at Stage 1, possibly 2, but when they did my surgery, they found 2 lymph nodes involved, so I was moved to Stage 3A. My decision as far as chemo/radiation was always to take the aggressive approach, since my oncologist said as I was relativlly young & in good health, he would rather get rid of it as completely as possible, and not have the cancer come back in a few years. That made sense to me, and so far, so good, at 2 1/2 years from diagnose.Everyone is different, but I will tell you, while I had a few totally miserable days, the treatments were NOT that bad. You may or may not know someone personally who has gone through this; colorectal cancer survivors tend not to be real open about details in public, so again, please feel free to ask the folks here. If it helps any, my surgeon told me that I would have a bad year - and he was spot on. If you look at it in those terms, it is a large bite, but a manageable one. Good luck as you are working your way through treatment options.

    over 8 years ago
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    I too was orginally diagonesed at stage 3 colorectal cancer but after chem, radiation and then surgery the 2 lymph nodes they thought were cancer were just abnormal. As Doctor said I caught it in time before they invaded lymph nodes. So keep your chin up, hopefully yours will be the same. they took 20 nodes all were neg, cancer was contained to tumor. I was reduced to stage 2 then

    over 8 years ago

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