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Since I had my lumpectomy in Aug. 2013, I went every 3 months for alternating Breast MRIs and Mammograms. Now it is every 6 months. In Sep. 2016 I was getting ready to celebrate because my Oncologist told me that unlike with other types of Breast Cancer, with TNBC the time to start relaxing is 3 years cancer free, not 5. Plus, Cancer free TNBC survivors have a better chance of staying that way if they make it to the 3 year mark. However, when I went in for my mammogram they saw something in my other breast had me come in for an MRI. There was a growth of some type and they were pretty sure the cancer was back. TNBC rarely shows up in the same place twice. So, I went back for an ultrasound and biopsy. It was a benign cyst!!!!! It collapsed when the pathologist stuck the needle in the 1st of 5 times for the core biopsy samples and she drew fluid.

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