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When I woke up in the recovery room a few hours later, my GYN came in and told me I had an appointment with an oncologist the following week. He told me they had found a cancer flapping in the breeze (well, that's how it looks in the photos he took) on my right ovary. I got home a while later and was nauseated from the anesthesia. I called my father and told him, and asked him to bring me chicken soup the next day. Unfortunately, he apparently had "more important" things to do. So I was on my own. I felt fine the next day, physically, but obviously freaked out mentally. However, I was reassured by my GYN that it was reportedly a "borderline ovarian cancer," (which to me meant not-quite-cancer). And they didn't see anything else unusual during the procedure; in fact, the surgeon who had done my colonoscopy was present during the procedure, so they really did a good long look around in there.

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