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The following week, I went to the oncologist. I told him I was a PA. In fact, a pA friend of mine used to work for him. I had brought my operative report, the intraoperative photos and the permanent pathology report with me. He looked it over, examined me, said he recommended a radical hysterectomy, since whatever had caused the problem on the right, could cause a problem on the left. But he said that if I wanted to have another child before they operated, I could wait, because it was "borderline ovarian cancer." I laughed and said, "I'm 44 and divorced, not planning on any more kids." But I wanted to wait til June when school was out and I would not have to worry about who would chauffeur my daughter to school. I figured if they could wait 9 months for me to have a baby, they could wait til June to do the surgery. He agreed, and told me to return in December for a check-up.
In between that appointment in August and the appointment in December, I asked my regular GYN if he could do that surgery. He didn't want to take a chance. I even went for a second opinion at the University of Miami with a GYN-Onc I used to know. He said the same thing, I could wait til June. So, I hummed along and honestly my right lower quadrant pains were gone, my life was totally normal. I made my follow-up appointment for the morning of 12/27/2001, and made afternoon dentist appointments for me and my daughter.

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