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When I first started getting the symptoms (unknown to me it was symptom of cancer) it was December of 2010. The entire year of 2011, my sensitivity to drinking alcohol was never a red flag to me or my doctor. I told them I had developed a burning sensation in my chest and neck area when I drank and that I felt horrible and almost like I was dying. They never caught on! In October of 2011, my husband drove me to the emergency room at 1 am with my daughter in tow. The pain in my chest was a 'bend over and I must be dying' pain. It did not take long before the doctors said an MRI would clear things up. My husband and daughter left the hospital at my request so that my daughter could go to school the next day, 'just in case'. Well mothers instincts right again - I was alone when the doctor on call gave me the news, "you have a large mass in your left chest cavity that includes your lung"....Time stood still. I felt like the seconds were minutes...I shook my head and asked him to repeat himself. I could not believe what he was saying to me...did I hear it right? I was alone for almost 2 hours after that, numb and alone. I didn't want to call my husband and tell him 'this' over the phone...so I sat there in that bed...alone and being torn up from the inside out. It was about 830am October 14th when my husband came to see me. "Sit down Alex, I said"..............That was my "Oh No!"

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    Hi I live in Spring too!!! Fortunately,I've not had to have surgery. I am currently half way thru chemo. should have another PET scan soon. Scared of the results tho. Chemo has been very hard - I also have a rare bone marrow disease and I don't make alot of blood. Wishing you the best...we can do this!!!

    over 9 years ago

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