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After I finished my chemo, I really thought I had this in the bag. I said to myself, I have been clean, scans clean since my 6 month check up. Then again when I was scanned after chemo...why would I need radiation? I was told in September that I needed to do 17 rounds of Intensity Modulated radiation (IMRT).
So on September 13, 2012 I entered the radiation center and began my journey. So far I have had to stop radiation just once after #10 because I got some kind of inflammation in my radiated area and it felt like a knife from the inside to outside. They put me on steroids (whatfun!) and the inflammation when away. It came back again after #4 more treatments and doctor gave me more steroid pills. I have to tell you while I was on chemo I maintained a range on my weight but now during radiation and no chemo with added hunger from steroids...I have gained 10 pounds and I'm trying to keep it at that. Radiation for me has been a breeze even with the complications. While receiving the treatment I don't feel it happening and its pretty fast about a half an hour from start to finish. I warn you the noise from the machine drives me nutz but so did the MRI machine! I have 2 more treatments and then I'm done. Not sure what happens after that.

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