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I am trying to find out what to expect from Uterine cancer as my mother-in-law who is living with us (my husband and I) was not a candidate for surgery. She had gone through radiation which was 5 days a week for 7 weeks with one day of chemo per week. The chemo lasted only for about 3 weeks before she began having chronic diarrhea and had to be hospitalized.

The radiation/chemo treatments stopped the vaginal bleeding but has done nothing else and I am interested in learning about what the next event might be with this diagnosis. The cancer has been very aggressive from the beginning and we knew that she would have a small chance of treatments working.

She has her up days and down days and lately she has been getting out of the house for a while with us for drives in the car. But the tumor is about 1/2" from exiting from her vagina and I am concerned about the bleeding starting up again.

I appreciate any information that anyone has on this awful disease.

I am no stranger to cancer as my father died at 51 of lung cancer, and my mother of colon cancer at 63, and my father-in-law also of lung cancer at 57. My husband and I were also co-caregivers to all of them too.

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