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need biopsy under anesthesia but don't have money for surgery my deductable or 30% co-pay

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    Hi tinkslion, I am sorry to hear you will be joining us in this cancer journey. I had anal cancer and was stage IIIB and completed my treatment in October of 2013. They tell me the tumor appears to be gone and the lymph node is reducing. You will get through this too.
    As to the money issue, don't worry about it! They won't ask you for anything up front, and if they do just tell them you will set up a payment plan after it is sent to the insurance co. My hospital was marvelous and I am only paying $25 a month for the procedure to biopsy the tumor so that they could stage it. (the bill was about $7000, my share $989.) This covered most of my deductible for the year too. they count prescriptions as part of the deductible in my case so the pain meds filled in the rest, so beyond that I was covered in full for most everything. Let it all go through the insurance, as the final bill will be a lot different and less than what the hospital asks for. I was hospitalized after the last round of chemo and the bill was $53,000!!! I paid $14.00!!! It was right before Christmas that I got the bill and I cried when I got that bill! It was the best gift I have ever gotten!
    They would rather we get better than stress over the bill. Radiation and chemo are usually covered 100%. Check with your insurance company and see what is provided. I only had to pay the doctor copay for the med onc. My rad onc hardly ever sent a bill for the copay (in my case $30).
    Wishing you well and here for you..Sue

    almost 6 years ago

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