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Decision Point Associated with Lymphoma, Colorectal Cancer. Posted on November 9, 2011 View this journey (6 Experiences)

Finished chemo and ready to begin radiation. Team Doctors not sure of what to do. Spread path for recurrent rectal cancer has chosen a route that they have not seen before. instead of the typical pelvis, liver and lungs, it has traveled into the lymph nodes up to the aorta where it was/is contained. No other organs affected, or so it appears. Haven't had PET scan yet, but have had multiple ct scans and MRI. Chemo was very successful, shrinking all lymph nodes to normal...yet, they still may harbor cancer cells and surgery is not an option due to risks. Time for 2nd opinion.

Sought 2nd opinion at Dana Farber. Basically agreed with plan my medical team designed for me with 2 exceptions. They do not recommend radiating the upper abdomen lymph nodes because there is too much risk to other organs and not enough confidence that the cancer was/still is there or if it was ever there. 2nd exception is that the surgical component was recommended to be far more radical than that proposed by my surgeon. To me, it all pivoted on the evidence of caner spread into the lymphnodes and so I insisted on a PET scan before deciding what team to follow.

My surgeon recommended a colonoscopy 1st in an effort to tag the tumor so it would be findable after radiation. To all our surprise, the tumor was no longer there. It had melted away, so the old scar was tagged. A PET scan followed and it was negative for cancer anywhere in my body. The Chemo had done its job! I was now confident to follow my medical teams plan.

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