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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Endocrine Tumor (NET). Posted on January 4, 2019 View this journey (2 Experiences)

On Oct 4, 2018, I entered the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and underwent a 6.5hr open abdominal surgery. My Surgeon, Dr. Major Kenneth Lee, removed a small section of my pancreas tail, including the small NET (.6 cm) Primary, my spleen and surrounding lymph nodes, my gallbladder per the procedure for NET surgery, after a manual examination he located a small (1.5cm) small bowl NET, a 2nd Primary, which necessitated a small bowel resection, then removing a (3.0 cm) mesentric tumor deposit from my abdominal wall, which was the original mass found on the CT scan conducted in the ER.

My Urologist, Dr Stanley Malkowicz, then removed the two small masses from my right kidney, which were found to be: a (2.3 cm) R Renal papillary RCC, and a 2nd (1.9 cm) R Renal Clear Cell RCC. Both were found to be stage 2, confined to the kidney with no evidence of additional spread. All margins were negative.

After 6.5hrs of surgery, I was closed and moved through the ICC and eventually into my room. I spent 8 days in the hospital before being released for a 6 week recovery period at home.

Pathology found that I in fact had two primary NET’s, both being low grade and stage 1, with the tumor deposit into the messentary. All margins tested negative and there is no indication of additional spread at this time.

After 6 week at home I returned to work full time the week of Thanksgiving with a few follow up appointments over the past several weeks.

I am now enrolled in UPenn’s NET program, headed by Dr. David Metz, with my first round of post op scans set for Jan/Feb 2019. At this time there is NO additional therapy scheduled or planned, and the prognosis is that my disease was caught very early on and localized, forgoing the need for additional therapies at this time. My kidney issue is considered to most likely be surgically cured, with monitoring set for the next few years.

All in all I was very fortunate to catch this early, before the onset of and symptoms or syndromes, and to have the excellent health care that is afforded at UPenn, with NET knowledgeable and skilled Specialists.

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