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it's been 95 days now since I had surgery. Yesterday I think I finally admitted to my self that I have cancer. I had an Anxiety attack. I had to go over to the ER. I had really bad pressure in my chest and arms, and for the past 2 weeks I have had theses killer headaches. Anyway they did all the checks for heart attack and 2 cat scans of my head and found I was ok. The doctor talke dot me for a while and gave me some med to calm me down. He said I was having an anxiety attack, and that I had to just calm down. My wife and daughter both work at the hospital, so most people there know I had the surgery. The doctor told me I might want to go talk to a psychiatris to help deal with the anxiety.
It's not only the cancer, but the fear of dying. The fact that my friend died so fast, and that another friend is in the same boat.
It's also that I am an empath, and I absorb pain and feelings from others, and in most cases I internalize it. They boys I mentor have all been through horrilbe things in their short lives. I am a go between for the boys and the psychiatris. These boys only speak to me, no one else. and I absorb all their pain and suffering.

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