Full body (Bone) scan - toml

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I requested a body scan, aminly because the boy I work with said that the cancer was still there. Anyway I went and had it, but the report is flaky to say the least. There were hot spots on the test, and the doctor who read it called them areas of contamination. I could not get a better explanation,other than he said it might have been urines on my cloths that showed up, and that the one spot was the pad I had on. Well to me the aream covered by the pad is the area where the cancer was. I asked if I should removed my cloths and the pad and just wear a robe and the technician said no, it would be fine. Also in the report it states that my arms from the elbows to my finger tips were not clear enough to read. From what I understand this test cost over $5000.00 and It isn't worth the paper it was printed on. I have requested a 2nd body scan and I am going to see if I can get the 1st one taken off my bill.

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