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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Prostate Cancer. Posted on November 22, 2011 View this journey (8 Experiences)

LIke I said I had the surgery and it was great. One issue I have been having is the entry point in my belly button hasn't healed, and now , yesterday it slit open and is infected. There has been like this stitch think sticking out of it from the beginning, I went and seen the surgeon once and he cut it off, but more came out. He said it seems my body has an issue dissolving the stitches. I had to go to the hospital yesterday for something else and I had the doctor look at it and he told me I had to call the surgeon today. Anyway I have an appointment with the surgeon this after noon. My concer is this is the enrty point that the removed the prostate through. I am concerned now that maybe some cancer cells leaked out of the surgical bag during removal. Any way the site has opened up a little and I can see into it. I had a psa test done yesterday and it is >0.5 so it has went up from the original of >0.13. so I am concered.

Went as Expected: Strongly Agree
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