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Oh No Associated with Kidney Cancer . Posted on September 26, 2012 View this journey (32 Experiences)

Three yrs after i lost my Kidney I lost my second Adrenal Gland to cancer The year 2010 gave me another surprise, I was told i had Prostate Cancer, that ruined my day to say the least. My Prostate Cancer was taken care of with Surgery. Then 2011 come along ,
September brought some more bad news you have Cancer in your Lung more Surgery, I lost a portion of my Lung It really makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. So finely like a idiot I think its all over not so i'm now fighting Cancer in my Liver. Bitter damm right i am. The sad thing about my 10 year fight its a no win situation and to top it all off the Doctor told me my type of Cancer is not curable.
I have Renal Cell Carcinoma,RCC. I still live a normal life. I keep telling myself I can beat you Cancer

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