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I was labeled as having mood swings because I was honest about how I felt about getting burned at the radiation department along with them not having a working thermometer. First of all I had chemo, surgery and then the horrible burn I was going to hit a breaking point and was blamed on my taking arimidex . I did ask also do they know what the F they are doing in the radiation department because the breaking point was coming in for a fever and they didnt have a working thermometer, after being burned and discontinuation of radiation due to the bad burn. It is normal to feel and be honest and speak up to our doctors. You have to be assertive because they have our lives in their hands and we rely on them knowing what to do or treating us with respect. Now because I spoke up the oncologist and staff are cold to me. Dont care. This is my body and I need to have control over how I am being treated medically.

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    Good for you!!!! I have found doctors (not all) don't like to have their "professional" integrity questioned. But as you said, it's our body and we have a right to be included in decision making. And to have our questions answered in a language we can understand not just "medicaleez " which can sound like so much mumbo jumbo.

    6 months ago

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