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Oh No Associated with Cervical Cancer . Posted on November 15, 2011 View this journey (8 Experiences)

For quite some time I and my family doc thought the problems I was having for the better part of 2 years was menopausal in nature, just SUPER BAD symptoms. Massive bleeding(gushes at times). Severe abdominal pain. Frequent urination and incontinence. Sleepy and weak. All these symptoms progressively got worse. My family physician couldn't figure it out so he referred me to a gynecologist. That doc put no real effort in finding any answers and sent me back to my family physician. I was beyond wildly angry. But instead of pursuing another doc I suffered in silence for several more months until the bleeding got so bad that I was forced to return to my family physician so that I could be referred to another gynecologist. That doc upon examination almost instantly knew it was cancer before any testing had even been done. He was humble enough to refer me to a women's cancer center that specializes in severe gynecological issues and gynecological cancer. I was fortunate enough to be seen in less than 2 weeks. I had an exam & pap smear which led to the official diagnosis of cervical cancer. I was then referred to a very fine cancer center not far from my home where I had a CT/PET(?) scan. That determined stage IIIB cancer. I had 1 very large cervical tumor and 1 lymph node just outside the cervix with cancer. So my shoot me now menopause was replaced by OH NO. I've got CANCER!!

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