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After the chemo and external radiation treatments I was placed in the hospital for internal radiation. The device was inserted in surgery in the morning. Then the radioactive rods were placed inside of that in the afternoon; then packed very tightly with gauze packed into some iodine type solution. I wasn't interested in what the fluid was. It oozed out the entire time that I was hospitalized. I have always kept myself very clean, and oozing was NOT going over well. The device kept shifting resulting in it digging into me because it was wedged partly between inside of me and the mattress resulting in much discomfort and pain. I was in the hospital for 4 days flat on my back, literally. I was in an isolated room during my visit. Because I was on my back my only 2 activities were tv, eating and sleeping. But we don't want to leave out one of the most "pleasant" activities! I had a catheter for urine. But for bowel movement they would give me something to prevent that but would also keep me from constipated in fear that a blockage would result. Well, one day my body just couldn't take that any more. I won't go into the pleasant details. Let's just say the nurses earned their money that day. I wasn't in excruciating pain, but the experience was so UNCOMFORTABLE that I actually said that I would rather die than to go through that again. I truly meant that at the time that I said it. I also had the complication of fibromyalgia. I specifically spoke to the doc about a steady med for that during my entire stay or I would barely be able to function when I was able to move from that position. That wasn't done. I also was to be given a morphine shot before the doc came to take the device out. The doc and I were so incensed by the total disregard for my needs, that I was told he really screamed at them once he left my room. The doc and I both agreed that the procedure would only take literally minute or two to remove everything, so we just decided to proceed without meds just to get it over with. A nurse held my hand and I screamed and held my breath through the entire procedure. The one true angel of my stay was this wonderful gentle nurse that freshened me up the best that she was able once. Then when all was over she gently took me to the shower and lovingly helped me wash then dress. I so needed that gentleness after a horrifying experience.

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