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Other Care Associated with Cervical Cancer . Posted on November 15, 2011 View this journey (8 Experiences)

My care with my family doc, second gynecologist, women's oncologist, radiation and chemo docs, and all the personnel at the women's cancer clinic and the wonderful cancer clinic near my home was just wonderful! My lymph node surgery experience went smoothly, but I was only there for day surgery. My stay at the hospital for the internal radiation was NOT pleasant. For the exception of 1 nurse and the doc during my stay, I just wanted to curse out and slap everyone involved. I am very easy going, very understanding, but this was beyond wrong! Considering the specifics of the treatment I don't feel that I received the respect or care that I deserved or needed. Besides the medical personnel my family and friends helped take care of me and drive me to my appointments when I couldn't drive myself. I found out just how kind people could be. I must stress again that the cancer center near my home(Harold Alfond Cancer Center) in Augusta, Maine was WONDERFUL! If you had to be there they wanted to make it as easy and as pleasant as possible in every aspect of your visits.

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