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When I was originally diagnosed I was over 600 miles from home. After passing 2 huge blood clots I went to the nearest hospital and was informed after 8 hrs that I my bladder was full of cancer cells and they wanted to do the surgery right then.I told them thanks but I needed time to contact my family and process what was going on. I notified my dispatcher of what had just happened and they found me a load to get me home.Telling my family was the easy part. coming to grip with what I had was the hard part. I got home Friday and it was the following tues that I got in to see a urologist. In my mind I was falling apart but I had to carry on. We had lost our truck during the tornado's that came thru, so Saturday we went to the dealership and bought another one on the spot. I had no idea how long I would have, whether I would even be able to go back to work again. On Tues, the urologist assured me he would have me up and running again in about 3 weeks. No big deal. Even his assurance did nothing to allay my fears.

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