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Oh No Associated with Colorectal (Colon) Cancer. Posted on February 14, 2012 View this journey (3 Experiences)

I orginally was diagnosis with diverticulitis in Oct 2010, with a preforation. I continued to have "stomach" problems and was then diagnosised with gall stones and had my gall bladder removed in March 2011. Six months later, I finally have a routine colonoscopy and they find a large mass in my ascending colon. October 2011- I have colon resectioned, diagnosised with stage 3 colon cancer....here I am.

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    I don't have cancer, my scans all came back clean....we're just doing this chemo thing, just in case there is that "minute" cell hiding that we can't detect. This stage 3 colon stuff is....well it just sucks and I am still po'd.

    almost 9 years ago

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