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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Sarcoma - Adult Soft Tissue Cancer. Posted on May 16, 2012 View this journey (22 Experiences)

4/24/2012 - Had my CT Scan on 4/18 and got the results today. I have mixed feelings about what I was told.

I have these three nodules that they have been watching since the beginning. They are small; 4mm, 3mm and 4mm. Another small nodule was seen in my December scan. The two 4mm nodules have increased in size to 6mm and the 3mm nodule is stable. The other one isn't even given a measurement, so it must be very small. No new lung nodules have developed.

Not awful news but not comforting either. My next scan is July. I was hoping my scans would get farther apart, but I guess not yet.

Went as Expected: Not Specified
Minimal Recovery: Not Specified
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