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Decision Point Associated with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma . Posted on January 16, 2013 View this journey (11 Experiences)

OB/GYN was referring for surgery in Beaumont, TX after he read Radiologist report but I wanted second opinion in Houston, TX from MD Anderson Cancer Center to see if they could help me more than local doctor. MD Anderson is world known for being on the cutting edge of cancer treatment and saving lives that other doctors didn't know how to treat aggressively or even know how to offer hope if they offered any! At MD Anderson I found hope, compassion and wonderful doctors and staff. Chose to go with MD Anderson after consulting with Dr Stacy Moulder in the Breast Center. They are making my journey easy and I love the way they talk to you where you can understand them and your cancer plus they don't make feel that your questions are off the wall or try to skip over them. They are great in the testing areas also! They even worked with me on being scared of pain during some of my test...eased by fear and pain during the test. Decided to have both breast removed after second breast had pre-cancer cell in it (DSI cancer) and my grandmother had a mastectomy years ago as to bad breast cancer. Several other cancers in my family too so I didn't want to take a chance by leaving one breast and maybe it going into full blown cancer. Having one surgery to end breast cancer as I don't want to come back here in 1, 7, 15 years or ever for breast cancer again! God is going to total heal me!

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