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Decision Point Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on July 14, 2012 View this journey (5 Experiences)

Well good news is no cancer in the nodes...bad news is the margins not clear,the pathologist found 3 new growths not to far from the original tumor site...All 1-2 mm in size,so my options are go in again to get clear margins or mastectomy,and with the fact that these did not show up on my mri it makes me wonder what else could be in there that they can't see.Or after I am in recovery future exams will make me not feel to confident....The doc said that my breast tissue is so dense I would need to do exams twice a year 6 months mammogram then 6 months later an MRI how can I be sure of accuracy?? I am leaning towards mastectomy maybe even double...will have a clearer answer next tuesday after my appt with oncologist.

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