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Well going back in to get clear margins . Oncologist feels there is probablyno more but have to make sure. Also having dx test to see if I need chemo or not..but definitely radiation and meds.

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    Your story is so much like mine. My cancer did not show up on mamograms, sonar grams or mri's. I'm not sure when I first got a call after an abnormal mamogram. Maybe 2 years ago? I asked my pcp about biopsy several times but was told it was not cancer but they would follow me more closely. I also have dense breasts with calcification. In January, after being called back for a repeat mamogram and sonargram I had an mri. The mri looked different than the mamogram, and again my request for a biopsy was denied.In March during my physical, the pcp noted a mole on my right nipple and referred me to a breast surgeon. I spoke to her about my concerns and she agreed that it made sense to do the biopsy. Well, I had cancer. DCIS. A lumpectomy was scheduled and It was expected that the margins would be clear and then I would have radiation. Well the margins were not clear so another lumpectomy was scheduled and still margins were not clear. At that point I wanted a mastectomy. The doctor thought we should try another lumpectomy. After much discussion with my family, I decided to have the third one. They found more cancer and obviously unclear margins so it was agreed that I would have a mastectomy. I decided that I would have a bi-lateral even though only my right breast was affected. If this cancer was not detected, I did not want to risk having it happen again. I do not regret this decision and even though I am still in the "expander" stage I feel that I have peace of mind. I do not need chemo or any other treatments. I wish you the best and pray that yours will go as well as mine did. I really feel like I got a second chance at life. let me know how things go for you.

    over 9 years ago

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