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My breast surgeon had given me the impression that surgery would be the end of my treatment, and that I would likely not need chemo. All of my tests (ultrasound, MRI) indicated clear lymphnodes, but the final pathology report post surgery showed a small bit of cancer in half of one lymphode which meant that I need chemotherapy. I am angry about this. I am also angry that the doctor who called to give me the results said that this was a "surprise and a bummer." Is she serious? A bummer is getting a parking ticket, not needing chemo when you did not expect it! I started chemo last Friday, and I do not feel well. No nausea, no appetite loss, but I am exhausted.

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  • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

    Valentine Girl--I had DCIS and IDC in my right breast, but decided on bilateral mastectomy since this is my second time having breast cancer. Two lymph nodes were biopsied and neither showed any cancer. Yet my onc has recommended chemo of TCH --Taxol, Carboplatnum and Herceptin--even though there is no proof of cancer anywhere at this point. My schedule will be the TCH routine every 3 weeks 6x--and TH every week in between, then the rest of the year to my dx date in August., Hercepton alone. That's a LOT of chemicals in my body! My reaction? Surely not anger...I think we're doing everything possible to make sure I don't get cancer yet again! I start the TCH day after tomorrow and am following your reactions to Taxol to see if we'll react the same way. Please keep us updated & good luck with your progress!

    about 8 years ago
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    Valentine Girl.. Looks like you and I had the same thing, almost exactly and the same response.. I also thought that after mastectomy of my left breast, and the fact the lymphs were clear in surgery that I didn't need chemo and all. Then, the final pathology indicated the same thing. I had some in one lymph and even though the margins were clear, I needed chemo and radiation. Also, I did horribly on Taxol and had to be taken off of it. So I had 5 total rounds of chemo and just finished 28 rounds of radiation last week. Just keep visualizing yourself as healthy and vital, because you are and you will be. If you can, try a Reiki treatment. It helped me a lot during that nasty Taxol. And insist that you get help from your oncologist. I kept a diary so I could tell her exactly what was going on and she did support me. We can get through this and we will! Write to me anytime, I know what you are going through!

    about 8 years ago

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