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well, not my sense of humor, but i was learning portuguese before my diagnosis and now it's all gone and i have to start again. i was working on writing a book and i can't even look at the manuscript. i am very touchy and don't want to be around groups of people. feeling cranky and bitchy and guilty for surviving when so many don't.

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    I know the feeling of loosing your mind, I think I'bve lost a big patch of mine over the last 24 years. But please try not to feel guilty for surviving, but feel proud and victorious. It's a difficult thing to do, surviving a hard battle, but you have done it so far, be proud your one of the "club" now, of survivors almost 14 million of us in the us so far. I'm glad to have you in the club

    almost 9 years ago
  • Onoi11's Avatar

    I'm with you on avoiding groups of people. Can't sustain the energy and pleasant face.

    almost 9 years ago

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