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6.5.2014 - I wasn't expecting a biopsy when I went in for my appointment today, but depending on the outcome I may be able to skip having the D&C. I hate endometrial biopsies, they hurt, but I like that there's no anesthetic, so I can drive myself around after. I went into the appointment figuring that we'd be scheduling a D&C (that didn't happen last fall for financial and insurance reasons). I ran out of my megestrol in January, and several other life issues kept me busy enough that I didn't end up calling my doctor right away for a renewal on the perscription, but after the initial heavy bleeding my menstration was normal. My doctor said that she'll have an ultrasound done, but based on what she can see instead of megestrol every day it will be for days 1-14 of the month, and then stop so I can have a normal cycle. We'll start looking into ivf, cause if I want to have kids I should get on it soon. I know my insurance will cover part of that, but I'm nervous about finances. Hopefully the test comes back ok, and life can go on as normal.

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