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Chemo for me was taxol, Carboplatinum, ABT 888 and Avastin every 21 days for 6 cycles. It was not easy to do. There were many nights I had to pray and meditate in hopes to feel better, calm down and get some sleep. Fr the first chemos, my legs hurts so bad, I'd have to wrap them from ankles to knees in ice packs. It was hard to sleep and I battled mouth sores, fatigue, nausea and severe weakness. By the 6th cycle I was very worn out. But, as the days go by, 8 am slowly getting better. I still have a year of Avastin chemo to go. But, it is more easily tolerated than all 4. Chemo was rough, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But, it is something you can get through with God and the love and help of your famly.

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    Reading about your experiences and wondering how you are doing now.

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