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Decision Point Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on December 29, 2011 View this journey (11 Experiences)

BIG decision. Now that I know it is in both breasts, and the mammogram actually MISSED it in my left breast....the lumpectomy is no longer looking like an option. I have to decide if I am going to have a double mastectomy. I am going to require reconstructive surgery. forward 5 months. I had the double mastectomy. I have expanders in my chest which will be filled every two weeks until I am at my desired breast size. I have to tell you....through everything.......these expanders have caused me the most grief. I can never get comfortable. I slept sitting up on a chaise lounge the first 3 months. If I went to bed and rolled over in my sleep...I woke up screaming. There are hard plastic pieces right under my skin.
NOW....big decision time. If I need radiation (and it looks like I will) do I do it before or after my breast surgery? My thought is that after all this pain, do I want to take a chance and have the radiation ruin my new implants?? The radiation can cause them to shrink, warp, wrinkle, etc. Did I go through all that pain for warped breasts? Or do I do the radiation first, which means I will have to live with the expanders possibly another 4 - months. It will take me 2 months to get the radiation done, and then.........depending on how I heal, that will determine when I can do the surgery. Risks both ways according to the plastic surgeon. My skin inside and out can be burned and not as easy to work with, Or, as I said I could have gone through all this..and then need another surgery to fix or remove them.

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