PET Scan, 11/15/2013 - waterrunsdeep

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Last week's PET showed that there is no remaining cancer in the lymph nodes. 2 masses remain in the left lung. In the beginning of our journey, they were approximately 5cm X 6cm each in size. They are now barely over 1cm X 1cm each. Unsure if what's left is actually active And they may even continue to shrink. All blood tracers were negative.

The plan for now is bloodwork in 2 months, another PET scan in 3 months to make sure it hasn't grown at all. Possible thought of surgery was brought up but I do not feel that it will be necessary.

His doctor told us that although he has been very positive and hopeful since our journey began, he was very impressed and kind of shocked by how much progress we have made and in such a rapid time period. He said his expectations were not nearly this high this early on.

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