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In July 2011 presented in er with abdominal pain, after 5 days in hospital and mri and ct scan revealed mass on pancreas and told it was pancreatic cancer.upon further testing it was determined that it was a neuroendocrine tumor and that I had to undergo a whipple procedure which was performed 10/5/2011 and subsequent pathology showed that 4 out of 13 lymph nodes are cancerous,more testing has determined that there are 2 small lesions,less than 2 cm, in the liver that test positive,also chromagranin A value is 20 ng/dl where 15 or below is considered normal and 5h1aa test is negative.I will now be starting chemo on 1/10/2012 a combination of Afinitor and octreotide injection and will be rescanned in 2 months to see if there has been any changes in the size.

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    When you had surgery...did your surgeon make mention that clear surgical margins are not required because NETs rarely leak beyond the tumor? I'm having surgery at memorial Sloan kettering to remove NET of liver (4 cm). They will remove be "scooping" it out as opposed to resection- they feel having a clear margin is not significant. How is Affinitir been working for you? Thanks.

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