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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Adenocarcinoma, Esophagus Cancer. Posted on September 8, 2012 View this journey (2 Experiences)

My husband worked full time and then some. We also raise horses and chickens. We grow most of our own food and the feed for our animals. We raise bees and make maple syrup. He went from that to a person that had problems getting from a chair in the dining room to a chair in the living room. His chemo has been going very well and he's up and about! Was out baling hay a couple of weeks ago and has picked up old hobbies. Worked on our boat and is back to being outside most of the day. He's no longer able to do his job--too physically demanding and he does need to rest during the day. The cancer center has been fabulous. Great doctor and you can't beat those nursing teams. We feel like we're all in this together. Lots of family support as well.

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