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Well Brothers and Sisters....... Here are my "Numbers" over the last year.... I was hoping to fail this last test miserably... with 0.01< but... at least I'm heading in the right direction.... It's been 5 months since finishing the salvage radiation treatments.. not sure how long it really takes to achieve a perfect score.... but I'm still happy that it did not go up.... There's still hope.... :-)
PSA, Ultrasensitive 09/10/2012 0.14 ng/mL Five months out...
04/23/2012 0.26 ng/mL one week after treatment
03/14/2012 0.38 ng/mL Middle of Treatment
02/14/2012 0.62 ng/mL Started Treatment
Anyone have any experience they want to share... ???
Good, Bad or Otherwise....?

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    Congratulations on your positive results, and wish you continued success.

    over 8 years ago

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