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Oh No Associated with Prostate Cancer. Posted on January 2, 2012 View this journey (9 Experiences)

Went to my Primary Dr. with the complaint of "sand" or dried blood in my urine. He said don't waste your time with me.. go straight to the urologist down the street. I did.. and within twenty minutes... My Life changed during my DRE... I heard the Dr. say... Uhoh... I said that doesn't sound good... He said I feel a nodule on your prostate. We'll have to do further testing... PSA, 1.6, Cystoscopy, Negative, CT and Bone scans, Negative... Biopsy "Bingo"... He almost could not tell me the news since my PSA was so low... since most of my prostate was involved... I opted to have a robotic prostetectomy.. rather than start with radiation.. so I could use radiation as a second defense...

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