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Levels are going down instead of up. Last R-CHOP on September 12, 2013. Last work up counts were at 640, down from 840 three weeks ago.

  • SmedleyMugwomp's Avatar

    Ask your Dr for Neulasta/Neupogen shots. Forces the body (large bones-hips, etc) to work overtimes in producing new blood cells. Got shot about 2 days after R-CHOP. Large bones ache-relief with hot bath/hottub and heated seat cushion. Counts go up rapidly with these. Hang in there-things will get better.

    almost 8 years ago
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    Also ask your doctor about taking Claritin (or generic equivilant) to ease the bone ache from neulasta. Take one the day before, one the day of and one the day after. This worked for me. In 2008, I suffered really badly from bone ache after neulasta. I found out about the Claritin it in 2013 when I had to use LOTS of neulasta for a stem cell transplant. IT WORKED! I hope it helps you too. Sending wishes for your good health soon. You will get there.

    almost 8 years ago

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