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I want to share with newly-diagnosed Hodgkins patients out there who are about to start chemo. Your oncologist may prescribe prochlorperazine or phochlorperazine to take every 8 hrs. Please be SUPER AWARE of how you're feeling once you start taking it. Take note of how you're feeling over the next 2-3 days and compare these to the listed side effects on the drug leaflet that comes with your prescription. Do this as often as you can beginning from the day you leave your 1st chemo appointment.
My hubby began feeling restless 3 days after treatment and within a few hours he was having MAJOR muscle spasms and pain in his face, head & neck. As soon as you begin feeling restless, have someone drive you to an ER or an urgent care (at least).
My hubby is fine, thank God. He stopped taking the Proclor.... that night and never took it again. He has had very mild to zero nausea since (1 whole week so far).
Hope this helps.

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