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I awoke on a rainy day in October and went into rest room, washed face and then looked into mirror and thought hmmm I bet if I wet my hair I could comb it. It worked! I was so happy. I do have a wig, my husband bought it for me. I walked through our local mall and everyone staring at the woman with the bald head. He took me to the wig store and after the clerk put a few wigs on me and I didnt like them, my husband picked one out, telling the clerk it looked like my old hair. She put it on me and I couldnt see the mirror yet, but I could tell from my husbands face, it was good. She spun the chair around and I began to tear up, and all I could say way "there you are". I love that wig and will never give it up. It made me feel like a woman again, made me feel like no one was staring, and they werent. It was wonderful to have my hair, now it is about as long as a boy's haircut.... but growing.

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